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42 Silicon Valley Alumni Spotlight: Unstoppable Domains

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42 Silicon Valley alumni Matt Gould & Braden Pezeshki are co-founders of Unstoppable Domains. Unstoppable Domains is a software company building domains on blockchain. They went from a small team of 4 to now 24 people, and recently closed a funding round of $4.3 million. What is most exciting is that their software went live on the blockchain this past month.

Fifty percent of Unstoppable Domains development team are 42 alumni. And soon they will be relocating half the team from Las Vegas to San Francisco. Matt Gould shared, "It is pretty shocking to think you can write software at home in your living room with your friends and put it out on the internet and have that kind of reach. We are just getting started."

But Unstoppable Domains isn’t just about building domains on blockchain. The team strongly believes that global free speech is a human right. Matt noted how in the US and Europe we are super lucky we have the ability to express ourselves. Unstoppable Domains is working to build secure systems that respect people’s privacy. The technology they are building will make government censorship and control harder to pull off.

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